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Word of thanks


My first acknowledgement is addressed to the provers.  They are my friends and colleagues, my trainees and students, my friends of youth and not only, cured patients and many other supporters of homeopathy.  They carefully watched their symptoms, to the best of their abilities, filled in the diaries, responded to my appeals and helped me to distinguish those rare peculiarities of the remedies for the sake of which all the provings were conducted.  Of course, there would be no provings without their input.

Moscow-based “Similia” clinic was not only my entrance door into the homeopathy many years ago; it also extended to me all opportunities and facilities to conduct my own research providing me with administrative and moral support and the convenient site for my seminars and lectures on provings. I express many thanks to the leader of the clinic, Lyubov’ Lurie, and to every one of her staff members.

Rajan Sankaran and Jayesh Shah, with their friendly annual school for Russian doctors warmly introduced to me the abundance of new information, opened up essences of many remedies from another perspective and helped to enter into the energy of kingdoms and families in homeopathy.

My vocabulary of cordial words will never suffice to express all my gratitude to Jan Scholten for the break-through discoveries shared with all of us in his invaluable works and, even more importantly, in our talks in person.  His highly intellectual and professional approach to the systematic study of remedies and his innovative approach to new medicines inspired me to conduct my own researches.

I am thankful to Jeremy Sherr for his books and seminars on provings and for his exhibitory work in supervising and handling them, for his verbal remarks regarding my provings of Planets, and his sincere interest in my efforts.

Our friends and colleagues from India, Shachindra and Bhawisha Joshi, made a very important contribution in our work. We gladly discuss with them not only professional matters but also a multitude of vital and less important issues, each of them being in a way linked to homeopathy in our lives. Their brilliant son Swayamj also made his input by noticing the true value of the most objective prover of bird remedies, our home cat.

My appreciation goes to Sudhir Baldota, whose sincere merry laugh and productive remarks accompanied me in the entire course of bird provings. Without being aware of it, he awakened in me a strong impulse of creative energy and much optimism. He provided me with plenty of assurance in my work.

I am much obliged to the proving books written by Nancy Herrick. Her approach to the analysis of diaries and her caring attitude towards the provers served as an excellent example for me. She taught me, in absentia, to treasure my provers, to listen carefully to their words supporting them when needed, to analyze every phrase, and to make conclusions in the form of “themes”.

I extend my gratefulness to my one and only son and to my parents for their moral support, for their patience in the episodes of my own unusual state of mind while proving another remedy, for their readiness to participate devotedly in provings and simply because they are with me.

Maria Goyens, a devoted enthusiast of homeopathic pharmaceutics from Namen placed at our disposal a few rare bird remedies still unknown in homeopathy, which I proved. My Engliskiy and her Anglaisish were a no-obstacle to understanding each other when conversing at the level of the energy of remedies made by her.

I dare apply for help of the heavenly herald to convey across the oceans my mantra of gratitude to Robert Svoboda for his books saturated with eminent spirituality, especially the “Greatness of Saturn” that gave me a great push to investigate the Planets in homeopathy.

I cannot put into words the magnitude of my admiration of the Nature, limitless in its generosity and diversity in providing us with sources of remedies and the delight of discovering their properties.

My special thanks go to David Warkentin and Kent Homeopathic Associates for their brilliant software rich in its resources and capabilities. The assistance of their repertory and reference tools dramatically reduced time and effort put into ordering analysis and understanding of remedy groups.

My friend from Odessa Dr. Alexander Ivaniv deserves a special respect for his encyclopedic knowledge in homeopathy and not only there, for his graceful approach to every situation, his assistance and support in my work and his whole-hearted devotion to the pharmaceutics. It is his pharmacy that made high potencies of the Planets, minerals and other remedies sourced by us.

My silent thanks go to the rock groups Elsa Ocean and Aria for their pathetic celestial lyrics helping me to investigate the energy of bird remedies.

For keeping intact many ancient historical traditions while achieving enormous economical growth I must express my deep respect to China and India. Free availability in Russia of their cultural attributes along with affordable prices for these and other items of the oriental origin allowed not to limit ourselves too much in satisfying whims fancies and caprices that appeared from time to time depending on the remedy being proved.

Olga Fatula
Doctor of classical homeopathy
PhD homeopathy
LF Hom.

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