Lux Jupiteris stellae errantis

Jupiter rays


Homeopathic proving results

Proving supervisor: Olga Fatula

July 2008 - January 2009.

Translation from Russian: Leonid Anikeev. Edited by: Alicia Lee

List of provings



A few years ago, along with studying ayurveda, we started to learn Indian astrology - Jyotish. We were much impressed by the influence of the Planets on all life aspects. (As evidence, late 2008 Jupiter entered its weakest position in the sky and we started to feel the deficit of its "wealth" feature – the financial crisis was gaining speed. The same happened in 1997 when Jupiter was also in Capricorn). It sounded encouraging that in Jyotish finding a proper antidote can soften the negative influence of a certain Planet. In Jyotish these include certain ways of behavior, actions, wearing certain stones, choosing colors, selecting food, etc.

Then the question came to us whether remedies made of the Planets can produce an effect? It seems possible that when one’s life comes under the influence of a certain Plant and difficult period of life ensues, it can help to take a remedy made of such Planet. Or, if a natal chart shows some unwanted features in one’s nature or tendencies to certain illnesses suggested by the disposition of the Planets, can it be possible to soften this by the corresponding Planet remedy?

Besides Sol and Luna being the brightest objects in the sky we were primarily interested in Jupiter and Saturn as the slowest and the most influential Planets in a longer-term perspective in astrology.

Again, a question came to us, what is the difference in their action depending on the position of the Planet in the natal chart and its position in the sky chart at the time of the exposition of the rays?

We speculated about the preparation of Jupiter rays for over more than a year. The ideal position of Jupiter for this purpose would be there in 6 to 7 years when it would have come to the constellation of its exaltation. It seemed too long to wait.

One of the seminars held by our Indian colleagues and devoted to imponderables, made us convinced that it must be possible to expose the rays and to make a proving ourselves. The remaining part of the task was, to calculate the optimal date and time to expose rays and to get well prepared for the proving.


Jupiter is the fifth Planet of the Solar system, the largest Planet. It is the brightest Planet in the sky after Venus.

It consists of gas: methane, carbonic compounds, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium. The nucleus of the Planet consists of metallic hydrogen. Jupiter possesses immense reserves of the thermal energy; it is the suggested "future Sun".

Galileo discovered four large satellites of Jupiter, twelve smaller ones were found by 1980, and 47 more were uncovered recently; these are only 2 to 4 km in diameter.

In the ancient Greek and Roman mythology Jupiter (same as Zeus) is the Thunderer, the almighty top God. In the Indian mythology Guru or Brihaspati (these are some of the names of the God embodied in the Planet Jupiter) is the top teacher or the instructor of Gods. His qualities are mercy, wisdom, justice, refined mind and reasoning, ability to bridle and control emotions, the absolute knowledge of the sacred rituals, and righteousness. He is always happy and is never exposed to evil influences. The legends about him have no tragic episodes, unlike those of other Planets’ Gods. Guru repels all damage inflicted by other Gods and demons by turning his back on them and refusing to help them. Guru is obese, he has a wide and prominent chest, an impressive abdomen, he is tall and massive, and he has golden hair and eyes. He likes honey and dates. His weekday is Thursday, His stone is yellow topaz, and His metal is gold [also, in other myths, the oak is His sacred tree and His attribute is the eagle]. He appears sitting on a large elephant.

Both in the European and the Vedic astrology it is the most beneficial Planet. It improves the qualities of any other Plants conjunct with or aspected by it. Jupiter is responsible for the prosperity, spiritual growth, cheerfulness, joy of life, abundance, for children and the continuity of generations, for any expansion and development, and for pageants and entertainments, rituals and festivities. Jupiter covers the part of mind responsible for the connection between the feelings and the eternal laws. At the physical level, Jupiter is responsible for the adipose tissues and the liver. Its chakra is seventh, at the crown of the head. Its numerological value is three.


The night 12th to 13th July 2008, 23:40 to 04:30.

Telescope co-ordinates 55°48’05" North. 37°12’48" East. Moscow area, Krasnogorsk region, Nikolo-Urupino village.

Jupiter moves from 23°02’33" to 23°00’59" (retrograde) in Sagittarius, it’s "home" constellation.

Clear sky. Exposure starts from the moment Jupiter comes clear and bright and alone (not in conjunction with other prominent stars) in the sky, until dawn.

The first vial with alcohol attached to the eye-glass of the telescope immediately came off and fell down. Slight wrangling within the family whose guilt it is.

During the whole exposure there is the feeling of excitement, as if drunk.

Woke up around midday. Ate a lot of toasts with honey. "Never ever in my life I ate so much 1) in the morning 2) farinaceous and sweet food, and 3) in such quantity at once." Desire sweet, honey. Euphoria. Dreams: very fat women, with splendid forms [The Venus of Willendorf can be an illustration. This Goddess appears to be the oldest known form of the Mother Goddess – who must be Jupiter’s wife].

Desire to immediately wash myself, to brush my teeth. Desire to clean up everything, the garage, and the storage rooms, to throw out garbage. Summoned a sewerage drain truck.

Before potentising

A thunderstorm, all of a sudden. Fear and delight. Good jolly mood. Recalling the years of study, funny stories. Fireworks in the neighborhood.

There are three of us. Checking ephemeris [definition: a table listing the positions of the Planets at a given time]. Waiting for the best time to start, when the Planets are well-placed in the sky.

Arguing about the quantity of liquids.


СН 1: Two have problems with vision: turbidity, dimness, loss of focus, lachrymation, burning, foggy vision, objects blur and swim about.

СН 3 "I am in the center and don’t need to see anyone".

СН 4-9 Nausea – all three, with spasms and the pressure in jaw glands, ‘blее-e’. As if pregnant, as if have eaten a rotten cabbage, pressure in the tonsils, when thinking about smoking the nausea increases.

Pressure in the temples, in the bridge of the nose, and the occiput.

Vertigo to the left, counter-clockwise. Vertigo like in an anesthesia when everything floats in your eyes and you cannot catch objects. Blurring, moving, and sliding apart.

СН 7: Shivering, chill. "Goose-pimples" [physical], "something creeps".

СН 8: Yawning, many times. The protocol notes read every minute: everybody yawned, or one by one. Nausea continues.

СН 9-14: "Crowds of creeps" sensation on the skin (2). Yawning (3)

СН 15-23: "A strange way of counting". "I want to weep". "No way to out-argue". "The number of shakes of the vial is questionable". "To control each other". Accusations.

There is the lack of trust to each other about the quality and accuracy of execution.

The "eyewhirling" (as one of us called it) continues.

The spasms, pressure, nausea went away.

The physical symptoms softened but emotional symptoms increased: active arguments, control over each other in the number of jogs and hits of vials. Reading aloud, in turn, paragraph 270.

Sighing. Laughing. The mood is good.

"Can hardly think". "Hardly can figure out what o’clock it is".

"Very clear perception of what’s happening". "Everything around is clear".

"Bored". "Dull". "Funny".

Replaced the vials, they look not too clean.

Washed the hands several times.

An impulse to start cleaning my house.

Put all the utensils to sterilize anew.

"Clear thinking". "Everything clear". "Vision sharp. Vision better by one dioptre. Can see without glasses".

Feeling to be in the reality, here and now.

The plugs fly away from the desk. The vials fall down to the floor. The marker pen gets lost.

Some dilutions had to be re-done because the taps flew away; the liquids were spilled from the vials, and because of the lack of trust to each other regarding the accuracy and precision.

CH 24-27: Concurred about the shaking.

The nausea went away and we wanted to eat. Started with what we had – strawberries, a cheesecake, but the hunger and the appetite increased. A strong desire to eat some fine food, to eat WELL (3): tasty food, in a good restaurant, delicacies, finely cooked, with well-prepared sauce (increasingly).

Everything that was newly sterilized fell to the floor again.

New arguments (milliliters, drops, jogs).

Not happy again with the cleanliness of the utensils.

Jolly (3). Fine. Quiet and calm.

Got exhausted with the taps and vials, to re-wash and sterilize.

The child entered the room, asked for food.

CH 28-30: Hurray! The final run.

"Clarity". "Vivacity". "Euphoria sensation". "Complete calmness".

The feeling of the complete control over self and others.

Singing (1). Laughing (3). In doubt (1).

"A midge trips and my eye tips". "Tired of running around with rags". "I don’t need instructions!"

Very clear awareness. REALITY. Just the feeling a physical perception and understanding of the reality. "I am here and now". "It was a strange feeling, as if I realized for the first time in my life where I was."

The accuracy of movements.

The field of vision increased to 270 degrees.

The widely open, goggled eyes (3)

A sharp strong pain in the small of the back (1).

Discussing Satabhisa (one of the Moon’s constellations).

Finished! An offer to go to a restaurant. (23:00 night)

The mood is perfect. Joking. Laughing.

Desire: sushi, pasta with sauce, copious.

23:10: Fireworks in the neighborhood, again.

Some quick impressions

Change of the mood from euphoria to being totally bored.

Cleanness, sterile.


All the time recalled Dr Ivaniv [a Ukrainian homeopath] who was really missing as a "live encyclopedia" and what else was he missed for? – nobody could recall or remember.

Vision: from blurring and "eyewhirling" to very clear.

Dreams afterwards

DREAM. Pilaf. A large deep plate made of white china with "wood-borer holes".

DREAM. I am driving a car, down like in an underground parking. My car starts to fall apart and even go to pieces, so I only hold the steering wheel, which is already at the level of pedals. Some men appear around me, I hope they will help me. At the same time I reckon that the car is insured, and the seller must give me a new one. One of the men wipes the remains of the car with a broom into a dustpan; I am concerned what I shall deliver to the insurance company.

DREAM. A group of men and I dig a hole in the ground for a children’s swing. My wife comes and offers sex but I must finish the pit. She goes into a toilet; a strong well-built solid man follows her. I enter the cabin, they make love there. I am not concerned, I quietly say, "It is now my turn, because the girl to be born must be my child". The toilet is amazingly clean. Feeling: I cannot give her what she needs but I understand what it is.

[It slightly resembles the myth of the birth of Minerva daughter of Jupiter: "Zeus slept with Metis, although she turned herself into many forms in order to avoid having sex with him. When she was pregnant, Zeus took the precaution of swallowing her, because she had said that, after giving birth to the daughter presently in her womb, she would bear a son who would gain the lordship of the sky. In fear of this he swallowed her. When it came time for the birth, Prometheus (or Hephaistos, according to some) by the river Triton struck the head of Zeus with an axe, and from his crown Athena sprang forth, clad in her armour."]

DREAM. I marry my own husband. The plot resembles a situation of escaping from the bride. He runs away from me, decides to swim. The water is brownish-green; the feeling is of not being clean. A yacht floats very beautifully among all the garbage. The husband has a wound, cut and torn, like an anatomic cut. I am horrified. The surgeon in the hospital is my friend. All my friends are male. The doctor tinkers with something for a long time, I ask, "call for my friend, he is a Professor of medicine". He comes, we embrace, and kiss each other, and then everyone else comes, no single woman among them. All the men are solid, big, strong, a "bear-like" constitution. We must help my husband.

We met the next evening to discuss our dreams and sensations. The mood is jolly again. Listening to a song about the Moon that "got stuck" to us [the song kept going round and round in our heads].

Over the last day and night: the feeling that I can do three things simultaneously. Before going to sleep: a headache with nausea. Melancholy, is it grief, is it sadness? The vision is unclear in the morning [physical].

The sushi order is twice bigger than usual.

A stable quiet mood alternates with a vivacious giggling.

There was a question about Jupiter satellites, because everywhere there seem to be, or really are, whirling midges following us, nicknamed satellites.


30CH, one dose. Taken on different dates, in groups of two to three people.

12 volunteers participated and, traditionally, our cat. Two provers did not know the name of the drug, others did.

One prover fell sick the next day with a cold, forgot completely that he took the drug and started Rhus tox 30, so his symptoms were not taken into account but there was one dream.

Two of the provers said, they felt nothing; they could hardly remember that they took the drug, so there were no diaries from them (the "forgetfulness" (3) was present in all provers, though). One more prover, after coming to the group discussion, genuinely sincerely asked, "What proving are we talking about?" We were lucky that his wife could deliver her observations of him; he himself recalled something as well.


The main themes and symptoms are outlined below as the literal quotes from the diaries of the provers, and the direct speech, both in the group discussions and personal interviews. Our observations and comments are in italics.

The sensations revealed during the proving are closely interconnected. However, we have decided to split them into several parts in order to better reflect the tinges of each theme. A deeper analysis, generalization and the summary of the basic sensation encompassing all the themes will continue as the study of the proving result advances.

Sensation: Three layers, three states

"1. Tranquility – the innermost. 2. Depression and melancholy. Spasm. 3. A thunderstorm – outside. The elements storming outside balance the internal indifference."

One can only guess the magnitude of the inner quietness and indifference to be balanced by thunderstorms and lightning outside.

"Three states:

1. Neon, alive – the best.

2. Thick, hard. It’s only me who gets thicker, everything around changes. No interest in the life. A "dead null".

3. Chaos. Brownian motion. Madhouse."

1. "The speed is at the ‘neutral’. The static energy – no movement. A state of a conductor that takes the voltage away. Zero velocity.

2. The coal in the fireplace, a red nucleus, huge energy, and the inside is black.

3. The energy as a radioactive element. Takes little space but the power potential is huge. A nuclear power station, a capacity of energy."

Sensation: Thickness. Expansion. Pressure

"I got thicker."

"Thick. Static power."

"The food has thickened me. The feeling is that I don’t swing now."

"You cannot move it, it stands densely and mightily."

"When I got up the sensation was of a very heavy body. As if its density increased. It seemed to me that the scales would show not less than 80 kilos if I got on them."

"It is not for warfare but for work." (describing the body)

"No vibrations. A thick substance that does not shake. It does no vibrate."

"The head is expanding and the pressure is rising."

"To apply such a force that could shake a stone mountain."

"The density in which you have nothing superfluous [extra, redundant]. But there is also no elegancy [in this density]."

"A hill, it smokes with steam on top of it and falls apart."

"The inner pressure increases, causes to burst."

"The head is large. The head will explode."

"The size of the body changes: larger – smaller."

"The habitual house became too small. Expand it."

Sensation: Vibrating. Pulsating

"The pulsation in the head and the vibration in the body."

"The vibrations in the body are very strong, and a strong pressure on the eyes."

"The pulsation and the vibration in the whole body, more in the head."

Sensation: Misbalance <=> Stability

"The space around is unstable, unreliable."

"Unstable. Whirling around. It shakes like on a boat. Nothing to catch hold of."

"It has covered me like a cap. A sick feeling. The space has spun around. It is unpleasant. Unstable. To the level of nausea.

"The feeling came, of beings organized, and centered, of steadiness and stability."

"Got myself together and became thicker; it means calmness. The stable tranquility. Nothing takes me out of balance (the home routine)."

"It seems that I have become less emotional, more balanced and stable."

"I was unusually calm, or steady, or balanced internally. It seemed that I no longer paid attention to the hindrances or, in other words, I saw them and did not attach any importance to them, so they did not disturb me."

"In one second I have suddenly realized that everything has been kind of fluent and smooth; as if I flow in the process but do not immerse into it."

"It is like a shell. Like the aura or the atmosphere of the planet protects you from everything. As if in a warm water. Or in a jelly of the yellow color."

"A strange sensation of the obscurity of my own body boundaries but it does not influence my awareness about others."

Other sensations: Shivering. "Goose pimples".

"A permanent feeling that something creeps over me (ants, beetles, plant-loose), as if I am oiled with honey for them."

"The electric current over the skin, soft, as if ants running."

"All of a sudden quivering came, goose pimples, "creeps" in waves on the arms and legs."

"…like in an anesthesia when everything floats in your eyes and you cannot catch objects. ‘Goose pimples’ as well."

"A midge trips and my eye tips. Took it away." [it was the prover’s way of expressing the sensation in the eye]

"Shivering came from my back side and went down along the rear side of the legs."

"A sequence of quivers along the spine."

"It seems that I have become more sensitive to cold on the back of my body", quite often there are waves of shivers."



The feeling of the tranquility and euphoria came up already during the exposure of the rays, then during the preparation up to 30C, but we did not pay much attention to it until it was expressed in all other provers.

"The feeling of complete calmness."

"Quietness bordering on indifference."

"Everything goes unexpectedly calm. Easy."

"Quiet = Nothing disturbs my plans."

"Nothing bothers. I am calm. Unreachable."

"The total tranquility. It is superhuman."

"The calmness and balance. I am glad."

"The blissful calmness. I am impenetrable."

"Much work, will I have time? But let it be as it is, I don’t care much about the situation. I should just do things, not to worry."

"I became quieter. I do things methodically. Just doing my plans. Before that I needed more adrenaline, fought to death in tennis. Now there is no need to run around and to win. Just sit there and study English."

"Indifference and tranquility. Emotional coolness."

"Everything is violet. (The Russian idiom that means, "I don’t care about anything"). I am unreachable. Nothing disturbs. Everything around is a small trifle."

"There is no pre-flight unrest or tension. It is the first time in my life that I truly fell asleep during the flight."

"The tranquility and steadiness. I am very happy with the state. A total large fat "plus" sign. Quietness in everything. Before I could get in quarrel with the neighbors because of a soccer score, damn them and promise not to talk to them, or to lay off my guard, take back his set of door keys… Now I am calm, I do not worry – why do I need all of this? The brain is not striking like thunder into the head; I calmly switch the subject. I recall the positive years spent in our marriage, it soothes me. I do not argue with my wife; OK, everything is fine, she is fine and let it be so".

"Being late to the traffic police appointment, I was quiet; I did not feel torn to pieces as before. Everyone waited for me; there was no queue. Calmness, to hell with everything. Something was delayed, postponed in the schedule, so what? I will have time for everything."

"Being abroad I went to the emigration service, left my passport behind. Quiet. I will have time for everything."

"The blissful quietness for which I am thankful to the God."

"I got myself together and became thicker, it means calmness. The stable tranquility. Nothing takes me out of balance (the home routine)."

"Quietness, no vibrations. It is nice here, quiet, calm, and silent. There is no wild spirit, though. It’s like the ‘neutral’ position in the gear box."

"I am not touched by the attacks about me, they cannot sting me."

"The negative emotions have suddenly evaporated."

"They phoned me from the office and said that the salary will not be paid; what could happen next is unclear. I took it easy, and quietly, without usual quarrels and hysteria."

"After lunch everything calmed down. Home business does not take me out of balance. Having seen the sink filled up with crockery, I calmly said to my daughter "wash it". I told morals to my children, without emotions, just the words that I need to say."

The cat that also participated in the proving ceased biting and scratching for some time.


"I am indifferent to what they think about me."

"I do not care. Nothing is going to change."

"Even if I am hit by a lightning, so what? The mood is indifference and quietness."

"Indifference and anger. Everything is "violet".

"I am cool-tempered and indifferent."

A prover’s verse:

"Sky is violet and dull
Nothing worries anymore
If you have Jupiter’s vial
You will never care a straw"

"Indifference to wife’s grumbling."

"Indifference to wins and losses."

"I stopped worrying about the amount of money."

"It’s futile; it will be forgotten in a month, anyway."

"Ennui. Depression. Nostalgia."

"To hell with what is happening."

"All of a sudden it occurred to me, why in the world have I been so inspired about taking Jupiter? Well, Jupiter, so what?"

"My physical body does not feel anything. It is not alive. Even the taste of food is lost."

Withdrawal, self-removal. A look from above.

"I am unreachable."

"A view from above. I am aside. I am higher."

"A withdrawn glance. As if "from nowhere."

"Everything looks like being far and small."

"Thoughts about futility and fussiness of the world."

"I look at others and think: "it’s vacuous".

"Looking from high above, I am quiet, balanced."

"I don’t sleep but the brains are not turned on."

"Nothing worries."

"Let it be as it is."

"Life goes on by itself."

"My vision is blurred and I my hearing is as if from a long distance."

"I am somewhere aside. Life is like a movie."

"A strange sensation of the obscurity of my own body boundaries but it does not influence my awareness of others. As if I have been shifted in the frequency range and see everything from out of somewhat another space."

"She recommended me to make a note (in the diary) that I was really very much different and my look was clearly out of this world. As if I was looking surprised at the world around me trying to comprehend what was going on here."

"From time to time, it was as if I "emerged". Just a movement of my head and vertigo comes, and then I feel as if I have just appeared here."

"My son asks me, ‘How are you going to work? You should see yourself from outside. To say that you are fully within yourself is next to saying nothing.’"

"Just the feeling of a physical perception and understanding of the reality. "I am here and now". It was a strange feeling, as if I realized for the first time in my life where I was."

"The state of a meditation, submerging into oneself, no wish to communicate. A desire to sit in a reclined position, not to think about anything, just to watch myself from inside."

Absent-minded. Forgetful

During potentising it was also mentioned "Can hardly think". "Hardly can figure out what o’clock it is."

Three provers forgot that they were participating in the proving.

At that time these were only the facts, although somewhat annoying – regarding the provers having forgotten about the proving. But while processing the protocols it turned into a symptom.

"I am scared to go mad. Snap! - go schizo."

"Forgetting to eat."

"I lost the keys, the money."

"Forgetting everything in one moment."

"The memory does not hold for even a minute."

"Having ‘lobotomy’ it is dangerous to drive."

"I realized how good my memory was. Today I have not yet got friends with it." [The prover referred to her memory as to a separate body]

"Probably this is how Alzheimer's disease progresses."

"I turned on the water tap, went two steps aside and forgot about the water flowing."

"Ironing things – I turned around for something, and forgot about the iron."

"I dialed the entrance door code, and forgot to open the door."

"Something is ringing – I think it just seems to me, I forgot to pick up the handset."

"Turned the page [of my writings] and a word is not finished, because I forgot what I had been writing about."

"I think it seems to me that I am still OK with my brains."

"By 23:00 a turbid sensation, that is, unclear mind."

"Dementia is a one bus stop away. A bit more and I will need a nurse. An idiotic fun inside."

"A client came whom I expected to come in a week. We met just two days ago. She told that the day before her husband and herself had forgotten everything. Her brother had already picked her mother by car as agreed, and she still drove to pick her up. Her husband is a lecturer in a university. In order not to leave behind his uniform and the papers he put them on the floor just across the entrance door. In the morning he stepped over them and drove away."

"Last night we forgot to shut the main entrance door. The whole night the door was ajar but I was calm, ‘so what?’"

Inspiration. Forgiveness. Getting free

"I forgave everyone. Forgave relatives whom I resented for 20 years. I want to help them."

"Pray for your enemies so that they become friends."

"Clear up your thoughts. Kindness. Beauty. The life. The people. I adore everything."

"Generosity towards people, and forgiveness."

"I started to look differently at people."

"I want to be on good terms with everyone."

"Contemplation about the soul. Do I know who I am?"

"I decide not to take guilt for others’ actions, not to control, not to demand."

"Just live! A day comes – you live!"

"It is so easy: the soul fulfills its mission. Let everyone run his own program himself."

"That’s enough! Stop limiting myself by abstruse thoughts."

"As an inspiration, a thought came: I am in a state when the rhyme of life needs to be followed both spiritually and physically."

"The thought came as an inspiration, a gift: both in my soul and in my body the recollection of my abilities does not correspond to my real abilities already for a long time."

"A dream, as a prize. The main thing in it is love."

"Erotic dreams. For the first time did not feel remorse, just got pleasure."


"There is no desire to pray, nor to go to the church."

"I visit church every day."

"An intensive desire to go to the church."

"We chatted about various things: about peoples’ fate, about Russia, about the church."

"After the prayer the condition improved."

"It is difficult to pray. I am tired energetically."

"All of a sudden a decision matured, to travel to the sister’s town, to baptize her child."

While in proving a formally registered couple went through the ceremonies of christening and marriage in the church.

Life / Death

"I contemplate about the cycle of life and death."

"Came back from the newly born nephew. Went to my granny’s tomb. Comparing similar helplessness of the body (feeding, nappies) and consciousness: a baby doesn’t know anything yet, an old man doesn’t know anything and anybody already, doesn’t recognize anyone."

"A thought: my parents will die soon, I imagined funerals, the pain in the chest because of this loss, I nearly wept."

"I saw my deceased grandpa in a dream, I was very happy."

"I see in my dreams my deceased granny and my brother."

"I woke up at night, I dreamt of the a deceased relative’s apartment. There is a sudden fear of the dead, I turned on the light, I could not sleep; a physical shiver."

Body / Soul

"I keep the day rhythm sharing the spiritual and the physical: prayers and exercises."

"It is a vicious circle: if you do not move the muscles become weaker and the need for artificial replenishment increases. The same is true for the spiritual practices."

"For the first time in my life I went to a sports club."

"I am ready to bring [my body] into order."

"Suddenly I felt flow of thankfulness to my body."

"I started to visit a spa regularly. A massage like the body therapy helps to overcome depression."

"It is so easy: the soul fulfills its mission. Let everyone run his own program himself."

"Contemplating about the soul. Do I know who I am?"

"It feels good to be within myself."

Money. Wealth. Gold

DREAM: money, banknotes in packs, counting.

DREAM: I found precious stones in the water.

"Thoughts about my needs to have a lot of money."

"There are many plans: to work much, to sell garbage, and to buy what I need."

"I dropped by a jewelry store, bought a golden bracelet with a lot of scattered white stones. I just wanted gold."

"Before I go to sleep a fixed thought rotates in my mind: "gold, gold, gold".

"I want to finger precious stones in my hands."

"During a trip I bought a golden pendent for my housekeeper."

"It would be nice to buy a villa on Azure coast."

"The habitual house has become too small; need to expand it." ["habitual house" was an unusual way to refer to the regular home place]

DREAM: The whole night I was putting money into a safe.

"The pomposity is important, the attributes, expensive restaurants."

"I want to have a lot of money to help my relatives."

"I liked it in the café – design – even the TV screens are in huge golden frames."

"Want to re-paint the walls and to add a golden shade."

"I felt like a wealthy woman; I could afford a lot."

"The amount of money does not bother me anymore. The feeling is that I have a lot. I stopped checking balances."

"I must pay the bills urgently. But I’m loath to do it."

"I increased the housekeeper’s salary."

"Sold my country house."

"The saving regime has started. The lack of money."

Food. Appetite. Gourmandize

"I want refined delicacy, beautifully served."

"I started to desire restaurants at nights."

"Usually I ate whatever I had and was happy. Now I want only this dish and that dish."

"The regular desire for pilaf. The restaurant ‘Uzbekistan’; I invite my wife every night at 23:00."

DREAM: a large and full plate of pilaf.

"Cooking lamb all the time."

"Aversion to lunches and dinners at home. Nearly weeping [that I have to dine at home]."

DREAM: My mother and I are in a restaurant, selecting a table.

"Desire for a nicely decorated table. Bought a new table cloth, a new table set, my table is always nicely and richly laid."

"Began to eat everything. All of it seems tasty."

"The body responds to any food quietly, nicely and positively."

"The food has thickened me."

DREAM: searching for food and alcohol.

DREAM: finding out from an Uzbek guy, how to a buy a good pizza in a cheap stall near an underground railway station.

"The appetite sharply increased."

"Overeating again: mozzarella, walnuts, ice-cream…"

"The hunger in the morning; I cannot endure."

"I want to eat but cannot decide what. Drinking water."

"I ate everything what there was on the table."

"I ate a pot of honey. Desire sweet."

"I cannot eat anything, a spasm in the throat at once."

"Forgetting to eat. Only recall about it in the evening."

"The appetite decreased, the number of ‘snacks’ is lower. Usually, to keep the weight within limits I must virtually starve. Now I eat everything keeping my normal weight."

"The drive towards taste sensations is lower. I eat not for pleasure but from hunger, just in order not to want to eat."

"Began to buy butter. It is the first time I have a pack of it in the fridge. Eating bread and butter almost every morning. Stopped eating cheese, don’t want it."

"Previously I couldn’t miss lunch, now I can, easily."

"Eating often, doesn’t matter what. The appetite is uncertain: either a strong hunger or sometimes eating without hunger, but still eating."

"The hunger is strong before midday or straight from the morning; it is not typical of me, I usually do not eat before midday. I take breakfasts for a few days already."

"Bulimia is going down now, by the end of the second week [of the proving]."

"I even ate indigestible liver at the dinner. Desire coffee that I don’t like much and don’t usually drink."

DREAM. I must cook for many people from little foodstuff. …A cabbage pie… Huge, as high as myself. A narrow jar packed with chopped cabbage… I need to add exactly 15 eggs, that is what I have."

Food appetite and gourmandize symptoms were noted in every single prover including the cat. Even each of the kittens had its own peculiar food preferences, e.g. spaghetti.

A prover practically did not eat at home for two months, ate exclusively in café and restaurants.

Cars. Transport

The cars and transport themes were present in every prover. These were mainly old, broken vehicles, without parts. Or, alternatively, repairs of old cars and purchases of new ones. Traffic accidents, stolen cars. Motion. Speed.

"I repaired my old car, now I treat it better."

"I want a new car. I even promised to myself to buy one as the prize for giving up smoking."

"My car has broken down, the gear box is faulty."

"I bought a new expensive car, borrowed a large amount of money."

DREAM. I as a doctor must drive a car to my 24-hr duty in a strange city. The car is a World War II model like an old Jeep. I am surprised by the good condition of the car and its tidiness inside – the car had been virtually licked clean, and equipped with velvet and plush mats.

DREAM. I am driving a car, down like in an underground parking. My car starts to fall apart and even go to pieces, so I only hold the steering wheel, which is already at the level of pedals. Some men appear around me, I hope they will help me. At the same time I reckon that the car is insured, and the seller must give me a new one. One of the men wipes the remains of the car with a broom into a dustpan; I am concerned what I shall deliver to the insurance company.

DREAM. My dad comes in a body of a car without the engine and wheels, only the chassis and doors, nothing else.

DREAM. Driving an unreal car (the steering wheel is that of a plane).

DREAM. My husband and I driving somewhere; he climbs out, he must do something; I drive further on myself.

DREAM. My mother’s car is stolen.

Men / women. Sexuality

DREAM. Obese women. Women, full-bodied, with splendid plump shapes.

DREAMS. Many men, strong and solid constitution.

DREAM. Some men appear around me, I hope they will help me with the car.

DREAM. Two dogs entered into copulation.

DREAM. One of the women… looks very attractive, coquettish. She sits in a flirting pose, very easily, and free, and tells something flirtatious but not vulgar.

DREAM. A man, kind of cowed, silent, as if he does not want to, or does not dare to, show himself. He wanders quietly telling us something, but I know that he feels sad.

"My wife and many men around her are in my dreams."

"Sex is perfect, quiet and with pleasure."

DREAM. I have a wide skirt, it flutters when I get into the car and suddenly I feel a sexual desire. I wonder whether, if the man whom I saw earlier (a solid blonde) is the driver, I can have an affair with him.

"My fear of men has lessened. When they approached me I usually ran away, but now I can meet with them. I am not afraid of them."

DREAM. …I enter the cabin, they make love there. I am not concerned; I quietly say, "it is now my turn, because the girl to be born must be my child".

DREAM. I marry my own husband. The plot resembles a situation of escaping from the bride. …All my friends are male. …we embrace, and kiss each other, and then everyone else comes, no single woman among them.

DREAM about the girl that I departed with.

DREAMS. My wife, with other men.

"A colleague started to justify herself; I must have misunderstood her when we met in a tram wagon; she was unfamiliar with the man who accompanied her."

There is also another layer - the theme of the family connections. Sufferings when separated from the partner. Children.

DREAM: I was admiring the beauty of my wife, feeling deep love towards her.

"I think differently about my wife. Nobody is better than her."

"Recollections of the first years of our marriage. There were only good things."

"I am stressed about the son all the time. Someone can call, something can happen to him."

"Thoughts about pregnancy and bearing a child."

"My husband asked me several times whether I am pregnant at last."

"I feel a very strong energetic link with the newly born nephew."

The cat: all male cats in the village were hers. It delivered three kittens two months later despite its very young age and the no-mating season for cats.

Obesity. Fullness. Solidity

DREAMS. Obese women. Women, full-bodied, with splendid plump shapes.

DREAMS. Many men, of strong and solid constitution.

DREAM. …a strong well-built solid man followed her.

"Now, the security guards are among my devotees. All have solid constitution. A series of military men."

DREAM. …I am thinking whether, if the man who I saw earlier (a strong blonde) is the driver I can have an affair with him.

"A dream like an apparition before sleep: …a very attractive bull or an ox. Powerful, strong, industrious. Thick and solid.

DREAM. …All the men are solid, big, strong, a "bear-like" constitution.

"… the feeling was that my body was very heavy. As if its density increased. It seemed to me that the scales would show not less than 80 kilos if I got on them."

Tidiness. Sterility

When potentising: "I replaced the vials, they look not too clean." "I washed the hands several times." "I have an impulse to start cleaning my house." "I put all the utensils to sterilize anew."

"I want everything to be clean, from washing the hair to wiping the dust off the table. But I am reluctant to move."

DREAM. . I am surprised by the good condition of the car and its tidiness inside – the car had been virtually licked clean, and equipped with velvet and plush mats.

DREAM. …I search for the cleanest "floor", disperse the mould, we drink clean water… I note that the cleaning man pours water on the stairs so that everything is tidy.

DREAM. . I enter the cabin, they make love there… I remember that the toilet was amazingly clean.

"Clearing up everything in the balcony, everything must be tidy."

"Desire to immediately wash myself, to brush my teeth. Desire to clean up everything, the garage, and storage rooms, to throw out garbage. I summoned a sewerage drain truck."

"I tidied up my living space: the apartment, the desk; I am very glad."

"It is the second day that I am sorting out things in the apartment. Normally this routine irritates; now it is fine."

"I wanted to clean up my house, despite that previously nothing except the politics and sports existed for me."

Sleepiness. Passiveness

"I want to sleep all the time. The extreme level of sleepiness."

"I sleep better, I sleep quietly for 6 hours. This did not happen before for a long time, I slept usually for 2-3 hours."

"It is now much easier to fall asleep."

"I am worried; I have to pay the bills. But I don’t feel like it, I am lazy and want to sleep."

"The key points are the laziness and a lowered activity."

"The yawning continues. Everything has become boring."

"A deep indifference and boredom. I don’t care what they are going to say about me."

"It was very difficult to wake up in the morning; I did not want to get up."

"The absence of sleep. Only fall asleep at dawn, almost in the morning."

"A problem is to fall asleep. Reading books whole nights throughout."

Departure. Breaking off

"Depression. Ennui. Nostalgia."

"In 1–1.5 hours a squeezing feeling in the heart, a sensation of a kind of ennui (maybe it is the feeling of loneliness, but it is a kind of universal and a natural loneliness)."

"I went to the theater last evening. We met our friends; I went back in their car and my daughter took the underground. It’s a pain in the chest; the feeling is, I am forsaken, the links are broken."

"I woke up at 7, thinking about breaking of the ties. I cry, and the mood is horrible. There is nothing strange, children do grow and leave their parents, and this is the process. It would be worse if the development stopped."

"My daughter answered me impolitely. I was very much hurt, I even shed tears, but it was without the internal vibration. As soon as she lives separately I will break the relationship, although it is a trauma for me. In the evening we reconciled and the state of stability came back to me."

"A breaking off. My people can come in; nobody can leave. There is no prospect to tear off a part. If it breaks off it will not be mine. It is like covalent ties. When they break the system crashes; it is the death, a transition into a new quality. I do not want to break the covalent ties that I don’t want to break."

"A trip abroad. Very intense ennui. The thoughts about emigrants having left Russia after the revolution. What did they feel? A feeling of uselessness, a hopelessness and despair such as the word ‘never’?"

"Total separation. Everybody went away, the wife, the son, the friends. Don’t know whether [they will be] in contact or not. Everybody called me, beginning with an old schoolmate and ending with a balalaika-player, and all the close ones are far away."

DREAM. About old friends whom I have not recalled for a long time.

Gifts / Losses (?)

"I was anxious about preparing the dinner on the occasion of an unexpected arrival of guests. Then I decided to ‘let things happen’. Made some Italian cuisine – pasta with putanescu sauce. Our friends brought along fruits, wine; everything was sorted out by itself."

"We discussed the traditional celebration of my Saint’s day. My friends said, let’s make a present for you: we will cook pilaf; you don’t need to worry at all, we will bring everything with us and will make it ourselves. It was a very unusual situation for me."

"On the way home from the shop I realized that I forgotten to buy caviar and fish for the holiday. But I did not want to return to the shop. At that very moment my mother called and said that the father had returned from Kamchatka and they would bring the caviar and fish. Another gift!"

"Now I give out less. For example, previously I presented clothes, tableware, and cosmetics ‘in bulk’ to friends and servants. Now I decided, that’s enough, let me have a collection of dresses."

"I decided to grant less to others. When a relative told me that they need 30 thousand dollars to solve their problems I did not rush to search for the money. I decided not to go to her but only to sympathize over the phone."

"I myself can grant [to people everything what is] Eternal, Noble, Bright; the energy doesn’t leave me even for a second."

"I discovered the loss of a bracelet."

"I collected a lot of my clothes and gave them out to my acquaintances."

"The thought came as an inspiration, a gift…"

"A dream, as a gift. The main thing in it is love."

"It is the blissful quietness and steadiness for which I am thankful to the God."


DREAM. My wife and I are in the village near the neighbor’s house out in the grass. The neighbor has a misfortune; it seems that a calf has died.

DREAM. I have a cat; it sits human-like and it is even dressed. I am moved by it, like a baby girl. The cat likes to listen to tales, I must tell her one.

DREAM. Someone tosses small lumps; a black cat eats them. One lump flies far, I run after it. I want to take the lump, and it appears to be a bird. It sits on the ground; it is very light-colored, grayish-blue. It flies, and the cat flies towards it.

"An apparition before sleep: a head like a matrix, like a blue hologram. A very attractive bull or an ox…"

DREAM. Two dogs entered into copulation. The female is long like a dachshund, the male is short and round. After some noisy row under the table the male started to enter the female in full, from the ears to the tail. The female began to split like a long tunnel or a pass-through of a pink flesh.

Other themes:

Work, activity

Hookah. Smoking it.

The elements

Thunderstorms, hurricane, lightning, roar. (Fireworks)

When potentising, there were fireworks in the neighborhood, despite a regular weekday.

"Before potentising, a strong thunderstorm started; it had lasted for an hour already. The lightning is horrifying. We try to tape it. It is a mixture of two feelings: a regular human fear of storms and going to raptures exhilaration. Then fireworks started."

"…the general state was better during the thunderstorm."

"The weather the last three days is perfect: storms, lightning, thunder."

"There is a violent thunderstorm at night; the wind shifts the flowerpots on the balcony floor. I sit in the balcony and I don’t want to retire into the room. There is a fear, what if a lightning hits me. However, a kind of a pleasure dominates, the pleasure of the fierce essentials raging, as if it balances the deep misery inside me."

"I feel that my brains don’t hit me like thunder in the head."

"There was a mental picture of a bolt of lightning before sleep."

"I wanted, instead of the news radio, to listen to the music, the rock like ‘Aria’ or ‘Elsa Ocean’ where the elements are roaring and the Soul sings about Freedom. ‘Higher than the sky…’"

"We bought the tickets for the rock concert of ‘Elsa Ocean’. It was the first time that the music did not seem too loud; I enjoyed the concert."

(The Ukrainian rock group ‘Elsa Ocean’ performs primarily in an elevated style where the love lyrics and harmonic melodies overlays the hard rock style)


DREAM. There is a pond on our way, there is a lot of wet show and ice in it. I have to dive and swim. I am worried that my clothes impede the swimming. At the water edge several men sit in a group. They have rods and they fish. I am anxious about catching a hook. I immerse into the water and start to swim. Then I rise over the water and overpass the pond swiftly, literally standing on my feet. The feeling is strange: banks of the wet snow, the process of walking through them. The pond is like a dam or an open pit rounded over a steep bank or a mound.

DREAM. A large field. The ground is partially covered with snow.

DREAM. Three of us drive to a water spring. The fountain rises in several levels or "floors". I search for the cleanest "floor", disperse the mould, we drink clean water, and my father bathes in the "floor" below. The water comes from above and floats in streams. The staircase above us leads to the apartments. My wife is worried about whether the water can flow from a leak in our apartment, which is on the ninth floor. I check and I note that the cleaning man pours water to the stairs so that everything is tidy. I calm down everybody.

DREAM. …my husband runs away from me, decides to swim. The water is brownish-green; the feeling is of not being clean. …

DREAM: I found precious stones in the water.

"A shell like the aura or the atmosphere of the planet protects you from everything. As if in a warm water…"


"I must expand it, it is cramped, I don’t have sufficient space."

"The feeling in the theatre was that of a crush in the hall. Too many people around; it is uncomfortable and awkward, I wanted a lot of open space around me."

"The space has spun around. The space is unstable, unreliable. It shakes like on a boat. An unbalanced situation. Nothing to catch hold of. It is unsteady, insecure."

DREAM. I am solving the global problems, of the planetary magnitude.

DREAM. Star wars of the three races. I am on the side of the Earth. The perfidy. Ours-theirs.

"A sudden thought occurred: ‘I am on the planet Earth’"

DREAM. I am in the Red Square. It is empty; there is no one but myself, the feeling of a large open space. It is not a flat surface, though, but somewhat spherical.

DREAM. I heard that my husband called me. We stand at a substantial distance but still hear each other. Again a feeling of empty space and a feeling that the surface is not flat.


DREAM. I am dressed in a red fur jacket.

"A physical sensation as if a shell… As if in a warm water. Or a jelly of the yellow color."

"Writing with a yellow pen. The lighter is yellow as well. My wife wears a yellow dress."

"I clearly remember from my dream that I look into my neighbor’s notebook and its pages are of the yellowish-red color."

DREAM. The color tones are very soft, light-gray, as if in the early morning.

DREAM. A bird sat on the ground, very light, light grayish-blue.

DREAM. I did not remember the story but everything in it was in blue and dark blue color.



- pressure in the temples

- pressure under the lower jaw, as a spasm, as it nausea would come

- pressure in the eyes

- pressure in the ears and in the bridge of the nose

- pressure in the mastoids

- pressure in the head, as if it expands

- pulsation and vibration on the whole body, more in the head

- the head pulsates, causes to burst, the pressure inside, > to shout"

- pressing pain in the skull, left, expands to the front neck, left

- pressure in the area of the joint upper jaw - ethmoid bone, left.

- pressure in the upper third part of the trapezius muscle, in the area of occiput, left

- pressure in the upper law, a breaking pain in the teeth, from the incisors to the sixth’s

- pressure in the mastoid area

- a shooting pressure in the temple bone, left

- pressure in the upper jaw and in the teeth, left

- intense sensations in the upper jaws, now right side, accompanied by coryza with a mix of blood."


- to the left, counter-clockwise

- the space spinning. The space unstable."

- recurrent, < in the evening

- increasing, in waves

"Slight flashes of a dizzy feeling appeared, gradually it expanded, became longer. Within a hour it grew into a permanent vertigo with recurrent ‘waves’ of intensity but without the loss of coordination."

"I have a permanent slight, recurrently stronger, vertigo."

"Several times I had waves of slight vertigo."

Eyes / Vision

- blurry, unclear, < in the morning

- "eyewhirling"

- hard to look at the close-by objects

- painful to look, lachrymation

- loss of focus, unclear, double, whirling, flashing

- moving visual sensations, > screw up the eyes tightly

- alternating: blurry – overly lucid

- wide range of view, the field of view widened

- improved, can read without glasses

- pain in the eyeballs, pressing

- jerks of the upper lid, right eye

"The eyes pain, the eyeballs themselves. It never happened before. A constant pain. It is simply there, it presses."

"A sensation appeared that the vision improved (I wear lenses, I have -5.75 both eyes)."

"The right eye is painful, the eyeball itself, strongly, as if it is wounded."

"The vision! I bought new glasses but the outlines still diverge".


- itching in the outer ear duct, left

"During the flight I had no effect of lumps in the ears, or it was very insignificant."



"The whole day I have the heart pain."

"All of a sudden I had a feeling of ‘fullness’ in my heart. It was not the sensation of being overfilled with something, but as if the heart had been previously missing something (I never felt it before). Now that the heart acquired this fullness I realized the previous lack of it."

"In 1–1.5 hours a squeezing feeling in the heart, a sensation of a kind of ennui (maybe it is the feeling of loneliness, but it is a kind of universal and a natural loneliness)."

"A squeezing pain in the region of the basement of the heart, with a numbness in the left arm (the feeling is more concentrated over the outer side, from the elbow to the small finger)."

"During the whole evening there are constant painful (not very intense but unpleasant) dull, squeezing feelings in the region of the heart."

"I woke up and I could not fall asleep again for a long time because of painful sensations in the heart. I have never had such a long and tormenting pain in the heart."

"The heart aches, it is tolerable, it radiates into the right side of the body, into a symmetrical point."

"After I ran upstairs a bit I had a real heart attack (I suddenly understood why angina pectoris was called in Russia a ‘chest toad’, that is the exact all-inclusive capacious definition of what one feels). I felt that my heart is a lifeless moon, a dead splinter of something huge."



- strong

- went to bed exhausted, sickening

- "want to close my eyes, feeling sick"

- as if pregnant

- > after eating, after coffee

- spasms in the tonsils, as if nausea

- as if sea-sick

- tiredness, sick of the information (in both the literal and figural sense)


- increased

- bulimia

- want of


- honey, desire

- fat, rich in calories, desire

- pilaf, desire

- pancakes, desire

- pasta with sauce, pizza, desire

- milk, desire

- cheese mozarella, burato, desire

- sushi, desire

- lamb, desire

- any, diverse, desire


- creeps, jimjams, "electricity over the skin"

- as if ants, midges, insects crawl

- scratches close up and heal quickly.

- rash; right side cheek, neck.

"A bubble appeared, herpes-like, on the lower lip, left. It disturbs me, a sensation of a foreign body."

Miscellaneous symptoms, appearing once or in one prover

- pain in the liver, left, as if swollen, grew tight and it has no room under the ribs

- heaviness in the lower abdomen, as if the uterus became heavy, tight; and the ligaments that hold it are stretched and painful because of the strain

- painful sensation in the inguinal area, left

- painful pressure, an outward pressure around the colon and the uterus

- pain in the small of the back, sharp; < walking, motion; > lying

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