Panthera onca



Homeopathic proving results

Proving supervisor: Olga Fatula

April - May 2010

Translation from Russian: Leonid Anikeev.

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Wild cats of prey attract not only fur hunters, but also homeopaths and their supporters. Five years ago we did the proving of Black Panther (Panthera pardus). Recently, pharmacies made preparations of the new cat remedies. Volunteers for the provings abided. As a result, the provings of Snow Leopard and Jaguar were carried out over the past year. The latter was not blind, that is, the provers knew the drug and consciously wanted to test it. All of them have taken part in the provings of various substances in the past. They were able to trace new symptoms and they deserve our most sincere gratitude for this contribution to homeopathy.

The Drug

Panthera onca (fur). 30CH, pharmacy #5, Odessa, the Ukraine.


The key feeling of the proving was: they watch me; they persecute and follow me to drive me out of my place and may harm me (and/or my possessions). This causes a feeling of unease and suspicion, and it is manifested by hurry and aggression.

The text in [square brackets] below denotes the editor remarks.

Mental symptoms

Persecution / Suspicion / Fraud

"I am under observation; they want to cause me harm."

"They watch. If a car follows me for some time, [desire] to get away."

"The feeling of persecution, to the extent of paranoia. If I meet the same man in the store, twice, it means he follows me."

"I am harassed, displaced, driven out and pursued with a purpose."

"My bag is firmly pressed underarm, so that they cannot cut it and steal the purse."

"At the till, checking the bill and the change. Do they cheat me or not?”

"They are watching me, they pursue me with a purpose. They stride or drive after me. I do not know what they have in mind, and this is uncomfortable."

"We went to the countryside, I came to the river to wash my hands and suddenly thought about alligators. It is good that they do not live in the rivers in the Moscow countryside. Nevertheless, I washed my hands with caution."

"No rest, I have to be alert all the time."

"I am deceived – that is an understatement. It's like they come from behind, where I cannot see. I am cheated, easily swindled.

Aggression / Displacement / Causing damage

"I am squeezed from my place: from the parking lot, at the store. If they push my shopping cart I want to find the guy and strike him in the face."

"I am pushed out from my territory, I am literally deprived of rest, and I start to shake."

"I am dislodged, moved out and pursued with certain intent to cause material damage. No physical harm, just to take away the car, money or something else."

"While driving: if he cuts in, I will catch up and teach him a lesson. How can you treat me like that? (I usually always give way, stopping, changing lane. Now, it enrages me that they drive in front of me, moths-fluttering around. [this term is a literal translation from Russian, it describes the feeling of having a swarm of moths fluttering hectically around you – this is the feeling the prover had with all the cars around her.] I will speed up to 100mph and overtake them!"

"If someone drove slowly in front of me, [I was so furious that] I started to burst out of my body. I rapidly overtook and then pushed the brake repeatedly. No one dares to stand in my way."

"Insolent when driving. Self-confidence. Once sat at the wheel, heavily drunk (never done this before). While driving did not feel drunk at all. Full attention to the road, focused. Felt no alcohol at all. All hops as if left out."

"My bag is firmly pressed underarm, so that they cannot cut it and steal the purse."

Money / Thrift / Avarice (Damage)

"Avarice. Miser. This is not greed. This is mine, that’s it! You can say whatever you want, that the money is just energy. Nothing like that, it is in my purse, I will not give it away."

"If I imagine the money is stolen or I am cheated in a store, there is the physical sensation that I raise and inflate from inside. Heat in the chest. It must not happen, so I check everything."

"I am deprived of what is mine, of all my values, and all of it is money. If this happened – I would commit suicide, not to be saved, a certain death without the risk of survival. As the bankers believe that jumping from a bridge in order to end up dead is 0% risk, since 100% result is achieved.”

"The risk of losing money is more life-threatening than drunk driving."

"Loss of money is the most miserable and worthless existence. The worst thing in it is hunger."

"At the till, carefully examined the bill, counted everything by each item, checked change. You have not counted properly. Recalculating everything with the cashier and only then calming down."

"I do not usually look at the price when shopping. Now I look at the price tags first, then the goods itself."

"It's a pity to spend money, why should I spend it on some garbage? It is not worth that money."

"Have never spent the money for my gear, although I need shoes. I spend only on food."

"At this time, bought only one scarf (normally would have bought half a dozen), chose nothing else, though looked closely, but did not buy."

"Usually pick things by how they look. Now, started to ask for price for each product and chose the cheapest. Then looked around, compared with the most expensive ones and I thought: "Well, no difference. It's not worth this money, I'm cheated here.”

Haste / Hurry / Speed

"In a hurry all the time."

"If someone cuts in into my lane… - it interferes with my plans and I'm in a hurry."

"The haste is interesting, is not a fussy ‘quick, quick’. A brazen one, at high speed, and I must be on time for everything."

"The need to go fast. Pedal push to drive at 140 km/h."

"Internally always feel anxieties, limbs trembling."

"Very tired of this troubled state."

"Called on my friends for their granddaughter’s birthday, I said that I only have one hour to spend. They opened champagne. I was so hurried, I drank and literally choked. Same with the soup: eating and stuffing myself up. They first looked at me amazed, and then tried to persuade me not to hurry: ‘Nobody takes your food away from you, and one hour is enough to eat the whole pan, no need to hurry.’"

"While waiting for my friend, was worried because I'm in a hurry, I already have to be in another place, I’ve done all that I needed here."

"Went to the market on Opening Day. I strolled through the entire lane already, sussed out what there was. My girlfriend is still behind and her hanging about annoyed me. I've already left the place, I need to go ahead, and I’m in a hurry. I even came back to her: ‘why are you stuck here?!’"

"The seller showed me a casket with a secret, but I am infuriated that I waste a lot of time searching for the second bottom. I have got to be in two other places, already, I'm in a hurry. Do not slow me down!"

"Ceased to cook, it’s a waste of time."

Food / Hunger

"Despite the hunger, ceased to cook. I am obviously emaciated."

"My tea leaked from the thermos on the way to the seminar. It smelled moldy, but I still drank it, my own tea, although there were free drinks available for the community."

"My colleague refused my sandwich; I did not like it, either. Still I was angry at her because I had to throw the sandwich away."

"In the cafe, the food was tasteless, it seemed that the potato had already been tested by cockroaches, and, despite the hunger, I did not eat."

"Ceased to cook. The simpler the food - the better."

"Do not spend money for my gear, although I need shoes. I spend only on food."

"Sending children on holidays packed so much food for them, as if they were going for a six months travel to the pole. In the suitcase, a small bag of clothing, the rest is food ".

"If there are no frills, or whether the products are of an unfamiliar brand, it does not matter. But if there is no meat, it matters physically, there is no strength, and headache comes."

"You may eat once a day, but it must be a full meal, the first course, the second one and so on."

"Lack of money - it's a miserable and worthless existence. The worst thing in it is hunger."

Distraction / Mistakes / Concreteness

"Started reading, read one third, gave up without a reason, and I went to drink tea. Read a few paragraphs, no more. I go somewhere, and then start reading again."

"Attention does not last a minute. At the seminar any unfamiliar word throws me off. As if am not myself."

"Do things strangely in odd pieces. Began to iron, finished one sleeve, recalled something else, went there, and then another issue. Dropped it, then came back trying again. 25 things to do, and recollecting what is not completed yet. So it is in every matter, be it cooking or watching TV."

"The feeling is that the attention is there only for a certain period of time, then it ends and you need to do something else."

"As if the reality disappears. I can read, but do not understand the letters. I look into the book with my eyes, but nothing happens. Words do not add up into a sentence. Read something, and did not understand anything. The absence of a presence." [presence = existence, anything, a void, no matter.]

"I say things as usual, but everybody asks, what I have said, both at home and in a store."

"They do not hear me, I have to repeat twice.”

"Was speaking strangely, confusing sequence of letters in a word. Instead of ‘for example’ saying ‘exforample’.”

"In the phrases I mix syllables of words. And I write the same way."

"Something is happening with the speech. Even reading aloud from the sheet I cannot read properly. Confused syllables, for example, instead of ‘religion’ I can say ‘lerigion’ and so on."

"This time, everybody related to me in English, as if I'm not a local."

"There was a specific idea of what I want, what size, what shape.”

"In the store, I clearly know "I need exactly this and this."


“Strange reaction to what is happening. Weird laugh. I laughed out loud and without a reason, as it seemed to me. Excessive merriment and laughter."

"I had a desire to wear a fur coat inside-out, with the fur side against the naked body."

"Out of the variety of scarves, my friend pulled the one coloured spotted jaguar."

"The day before I won the poker tournament at the two Internet gaming sites. 5,000 people played. I was the winner, and I received the entrance ticket for the next tournament for the real money. The prize was one hundred dollars, the start was late night. I was full of rage, shaking and jolting. How dare they shove me in there? I just came back from the workshop; with my brains torn apart, I wanted to sleep. But I was pathetic, because I was the winner, and the ticket could be lost. Then I managed to cancel the registration, and then I myself could choose the time, instead of being pushed in by someone. Now I have the ticket, but I not do want to participate anymore. All my money is mine, anyway. I have it and will do nothing with it." [will not risk]


"Usually I go to bed late and get up late. Now, day by day I go to bed earlier and get up earlier, and I came back to a normal human regimen."

"I slept less than usual."

Dreams: the sexual theme, erotic.

Physical symptoms


"Heat in the chest, rises through the throat and shoots into the forehead. If I hurry, I have a wet upper lip, nose and forehead, may even run a sweat. The area forehead, nose, upper lip: the heat goes out through perspiration."

"The heat always flows in waves from the chest, it rises and sweats out."

"Always sleep under a duvet, even in the summer. Now replaced it with a light blanket, but it’s still too hot for me under it."


Face, the right jaw joint, pain. Effort when opening mouth. Fever. Perspiration.

Head, pain in temples, eating ameliorates.

"Headache on the edge of the hair scalp, from temple to temple, only food ameliorates."


"Severe pain in the stomach. I must eat."

"The pain, as if I have an ulcer."

Food. "Craved fish more than usual, any: fried, canned.”


Irritation and itching. Do not want the dress to touch me. Clothing, as a shell, should be there, but at a distance. Very bad relations with the water. Want to tear the skin. Itching on the inner thigh. As if sand in the tights.


Menstruation, "poured out like from a tap, is copious. As if all of it poured out in a single day, and then the valve is closed.”

* * * * *

The best antidote (there were volunteers who got tired of this state) appeared to be Dysprosium iodatum; its positive effect came within 30 minutes.


Jaguar is the largest cat in America. Jaguar habitat stretches from Central America to northern Argentina. The largest jaguars live in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. Jaguars are completely wiped out in El Salvador and Uruguay.

The name "Jaguar" comes from ancient Indian languages and Guarani (yaguara, jaguarete) meant "a murderer, overcoming the victim with one leap."

The scientific name, Panthera onca, is translated as "hunter" and "thorn, spike" (meaning the powerful claws of a jaguar).

Jaguars are loners. Like all predatory cats, jaguars are territorial animals. Usually the hunting site of a male forms a triangle, where the male hunts for 3-4 days in a given area, and then moves to another place. In addition, the animal visits certain "boundary points". For this reason, Jaguar can come as a real vagrant, always "wandering" in the jungle.

"... I'm in a hurry, I already have to go to another place, I’ve done it all here"

"I was enraged that it took a lot of time... I have got to be in two other places already ..."

Jaguar is extremely intolerant of other cats on its territory, but it is rather flexible with its kinsmen. Hunting territories of jaguars often overlap.

"…I am dislodged, moved out and pursued with certain intent to cause material damage.”

Jaguar is a crepuscular predator. It’s most active hunting hours are after sunset (about 18:30 to 21:30) and before dawn (from 03:00 to 06:00). It hunts in an ambush, creeping to the victim as close as possible, and suddenly overtaking it in one leap.

Its’ main prey are capybaras and ungulates like deer, but it also attacks birds, monkeys, snakes. Jaguars also hunt turtles. Its strong jaws can bite through their shell. This versatile predator is a good swimmer; sometimes it rushes onto a sleeping alligator or snatches the fish out of water.

"…Bent down to the river to wash my hands and suddenly thought about an alligator ..."

If Jaguar is not provoked, it is not usually aggressive, but it may be rather curious. It often haunts a man in the woods not showing hostile intent. It loves water and even swims across a river lying on a log.

Although Jaguar is a solitary animal, during weddings they can gather in small groups. Characteristically, the fights between males almost never happen, and the choice of the mate depends entirely on the female. In communicating, sounds play a serious role: growling, coughing, gurgling, purring and meowing. People say that the Jaguar is easier heard than seen.

Jaguar is the largest, the most powerful and the most dreaded one of the cat family in the Western Hemisphere. So it is not surprising that the ancient civilizations chose it as a sacred one. In the cultures of pre-Columbian America, Jaguar enjoyed particular attention and honours. Olmecs identified themselves with Jaguar. It is the main character of Olmec worship, and it was placed in the centre of the pantheon of gods. Maya revered Jaguar as the ancestral one. The heads of tribes wore the skins of jaguars and helmets shaped as their heads, being the symbol of power. In the culture of the Aztec, the God Tezcatlipoca often turned into Jaguar, whose spotted skin symbolized the starry sky pattern.

* * * * *

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