Dasiphora fruticosa

Homeopathic proving results

Proving supervisor: Olga Fatula

August 2015.

Translated from Russian by Natalia Endyletova
Edited by Alicia Lee

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Synonym: Pentaphylloides fruticosa. Common Russian name: Kurilsky tea

Order: Rosales, family: Rosaceae, subfamily: Rosoideae

(Dasiphora fruticosa (L.) Rydb.)

Plant Theory: 644.61.____

This was a complex proving which included sense proving, trituration to 3 CH, potentizing to 30 CH, and a dream proving with 30CH under pillow. The provers also drank a tincture (tea) from leaves and flowers of the plant.

Date: 9 August 2015, full-day complex proving

Place: the Moscow Region, Krasnogorsky District, Nikolo-Uryupino village. The plant used in the proving has been growing there for 20 years.

For the Sense Proving two types of the plant were used: one was a bush with white flowers, the other had yellow flowers; for Trituration and Potentizing the bush with yellow flowers was used.

Six people took part in the proving - 5 females, 1 male. The ages of the group members were from 40 to 55 years. Three of them are homeopaths.

All the participants had experience in different kinds of provings.

The picture of the remedy, generals

1. White color. Virginity. A bride with white flowers in her hair.

2. An old woman, spinster with violet hair.

3. Lonely old people. They attend discos, flirt, dance. It is not the slow foxtrot (which old couples often dance at the resort parties), but the real disco.

Discordance with one’s age.

Pensioners' clubs, active women, being childless.

4. Childless.

He doesn't have his own children, only grandchildren. He may have married a woman with children or has grandnephews and they treat each other as equals.

Even if she had a child in her youth, she bore him when she was very young and left him at her parents or with someone else because of her work (tours, circus). This individual is not burdened by bringing up children.

Or she could have had an abortion when young and failed to build up a family after that.

5. A lady of 40-50 years old, but a mental state characterized by easiness, playfulness.

Adult body looking very young, vata constitution (as in Ayurveda). Smart, slim.

"Small dog looks like a puppy until its old age", that can be said about their appearance.

She is not married. She did not think about marriage because she had no time for it being busy with dancing or her job.

The age of 40-50 years. Life for women begins at 45. Dye here, cut there and she still looks very attractive. Not young but still has daydreams. Easiness of being, not burdened.

Vague languor, anguish, "I want something but don't know with whom", to hell with it.

6. Circus performers. They are masters of show. This is rather a result of hard work and trainings than actual art. Their children are brought up by the circus.

7. An actress in a children's theatre. She is 40-50 years old but still plays the parts of the dog Zhuchka, and a mouse, Malvina. This is rather a way to earn her living than art.

8. Animators at a children's party, Snow Maiden (Snegurochka), Fairy. She does not care, she puts on a wig and a dress and she is young again.

9. Soap opera "Female Friends". Mother wears her daughter's clothes and the daughter is ashamed of her. She has not yet realized that she belongs to another age category, she still wants to wear bows.

10. A provincial singer, age after 40, lives in a village or a small town, wears bright-red lipstick and decorates her hair with a big flower or a bow.

After retirement she regularly goes to Turkey to buy things for sale and calls her market stall ‘boutique’.

11. A collective farmer who came to the city and put on the clothes she considered fashionable. Permanent wave, lips brightly colored, ridiculous dress.

12. An old kerne is the same as before but he is less fancy now. He is deeper in himself, with humor and zest.

Hussar, he is not young but there is life in the old dog yet.

An old village kerne, he plays his accordion, smokes his rolling tobacco and chases after all women in the village.

"Love and Doves" a movie, character is Raisa Zakharovna.

"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" movie, character is Lyudmila, always trying to look young.

Shishkov. "Ugryum River". (See the extracts from the proving minutes below for details).

She looks like a juicy apple but she is not one. A dog in a children's theatre is a good actor but it is not a famous actress. She pretends to be a celebrity but isn’t good enough so she has to accept that.

"Happiness is when everybody dear to you is at home" - a saying from a Soviet cartoon.

Physical symptoms from the proving are specific for atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the brain, spinal and carotid arteries. These people can maintain good physical health without difficult chronic diseases for long periods, but they are subjected to sudden early dementia, sclerosis, their mental abilities collapse. Their mental processes cease to function normally. Cognitive abilities are impaired. There is no loss of senses like touch and taste, just slow and inadequate perception and function. They may become muddled and talk ‘nonsense’.

Such symptoms can often be found in older people.

(For more details see the extracts from the proving minutes below.)

Meditation for the proving, one day before it, prover #2

- joy of meeting

- united proving group

- company of people who treat each other well and are glad to meet

- sense of duty, responsibility, keeping promises

Sense proving:

The bush with white flowers.

Female energy. source

I came to this world, I live, I breathe,
I'm here with you, all seems to be fine,
But thoughts in my head, they always seethe,
I don't look back on the past of mine.
The languid rush of agitation
And dreams of something far away,
Ripe plum gives me tart taste sensation,
It brings new colors to my day.
Desire came to sing and dance,
To play the flute and the piano,
Create oil paintings that's a chance,
Paint fields on silk in own tints
Meet people, maybe write some novels,
To wear lace and flounce dresses...
There are so many of my fancies...
But I'm with you, the same old places.

(The author is one of the provers)


Primitive. Unpretentious.

They are not characterized by splendor or lusciousness, their beauty is simple.

Simplicity, there are no complex sufferings. Confused superficial thoughts without self-analysis. There is no deepness, he does not think about sense, easy sadness, not deep, not long. He does not suffer.

Artificial cutouts, very simple.

The flower is simple, can serve as a teaching model for painting.

Commonness, similarity with many others

Invisible. Does not attract attention, or looks.

Hurt because of being undervalued.

Beautiful, soft, pleasant, however, they admire an apple-tree but do not admire me.

I look like a juicy apple but I am not one. I am offended, they undervalue me.


The mood of freshness and youth, girlhood, if the intention is not fulfilled, it is not a problem.

A bride. Flowers in the bride's hairdo. Wedding decoration.

She is adult but young in her mind. She stayed in the times of her youth but she is older and experienced much in the past. Simple energy, there is a desire but to hell with it.

A lady of 40-50 years old, a dame trying to look young.

She has experienced everything already.


Granny in the village.

The bush with yellow flowers.

Male energy. source

The strength of youth is not the same
It goes away, I feel decrease
Grey hair in the beard came
And someone pokes in the ribs.
So many talents but the time
Has passed so fast like sand through fingers,
Reading poems to wife is fun,
A cross-stitched portrait I will give her,
I'll tambour it, I'll make one.

(The author is one of the provers)

A male of middle age, he may have overcome the middle-age crisis already but desires of youth are still there. He wants to make jokes about it. He still has aspiration but his spark of passion or ideas will not kindle a flame in others.

He is not young, fresh. But he still has a desire.

His palmistry Life-Lines abide.

Shy but confident, does not cut a wide swath, does not splurge, does not show off.

A plodder, almost severe, not very emotional, knows what he is about.

A farmer, practical, busy, unsentimental.

A Russian peasant, simple in desires, folk wisdom.

Clear understanding of goal and desire.

Self-acceptance, modesty and simplicity of desires, industry.

Priority of simple life values.

Does not waste money, is not a spender. Rationality, shrewdness.

Stability. Reliability. Not choosy.

Long-liver. One can live long with such an attitude to life.

Wild, daring.

Desire to stay alone, close in himself, to reflect and contemplate.

Realizes that life is short.

Common for both types.


Dry, not oiled, lacks juiciness.

Without self-searching, psychoanalysis and complications of life.

Seems prickly.

Soft, smooth, pleasant, cool.


Village, province.


Simple beauty. There is love but not refined, unsophisticated.

Low level, common people, if they disappear others will not notice it immediately.

These people seem to be invisible but at a closer look there are plenty of them around.

If she creates an image, lets a stylist work with her, she will attract attention, she will not be showy, but will be pleasant to look at.

The age of 40-50 years. Life for women begins at 45. Dye here, cut there and she still looks very attractive. Not young but still has daydreams. Easiness of being, not burdened.

Vague languor, anguish, "I want something but don't know with whom", to hell with it.

Soap opera "Female Friends". Mother wears her daughter's clothes and the daughter is always ashamed of her. She has not yet realized that she belongs to another age category, she still wants to wear bows.

A provincial singer, age after 40, lives in a village or a small town, wears bright-red lipstick and decorates her hair with a big flower or a bow.

A collective farmer who came to the city and put on the clothes she considered fashionable. Permanent wave, lips brightly coloured, ridiculous dress.


Apartments and mansions under repair, with accompanying noise and dust. Allergy to building dust.

Physical body

Fatigue. Strength and energy do not increase.


Nausea, breakfast doesn’t want to stay in stomach.

Blocked ears.

Headache, temples ache.

Heaviness in head.

Eyelids, heaviness.


White bush - it smells of mushrooms, dried fruits, plum, dried apricots. source

Yellow bush - it smells of tundra and sagebrush.

The smell of wet forest, mushrooms and Russian sauna.

Both teas have light aroma and give joy. Make the head light.

The main feeling is light as air. It does not burden, it’s like a touch of the aroma. Serene. Kind, pleasant as "thank you".

Effects: diuretic, purgative.



Innocence. Snow-white. Virgin.

‘Emigration’ to a village.

Love for India, dislike of India.

Being on a trip to India I wanted to burn my passport and stay there forever.

“As for me, I can't stand India and the Indians, and the massage; they have small clingy hands that grasp you everywhere.”

A talk about how village people in India go fishing - they float to the sea not far from the shore on a car tire and catch fish there.

Buys presents, but she would not spend such an amount of money on herself.

All the plans disappeared suddenly, she decided not to do anything that day.

I realized how I will look in my old age.

Description of procedure details in Ayurveda clinics.

Methods of health improvement, diets, enemas, panchakarma (a cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness.)

A talk about hair dying and other women's tricks.

My husband saw grey hair on my head - "how beautiful".

"I conducted an interview, men don't care about women's grey hair, these are women's hang-ups".

Left-hander, right-hander. Left-handed is wrong. There is a desire to triturate with left hand.


Perseverance, stubborn, stands on one's own two feet.

A desire to have everyone together, near.

Cats, castration, sterilization.

Jokes. To make small rissole the Chinese will buy a small kitten.

Male chest, hairy, red-haired.

"Why do you direct your camera on my breasts?" Female breast, not voluptuous, cachectic.


Bad taste in clothing.

The table is laid simply, without refinement.

Simple food cooked on open fire stove, tasty.


- Provincial theatres with actresses trying to look young who play the roles of Malvina, Julietta, girls etc., until old age. (N.B. Malvina is a beautiful female puppet with blue hair originally a character in a play called Buratino, which was similar to Pinocchio.)

- A children's theatre where a slim short actress of 40-50 years old plays the dog Zhuchka or a Mouse.

- Animator at a children's party - a middle-aged woman dresses as a Fairy or Snow-Maiden, puts on an airy dress and a wig with long hair.

She is happy in her theatre or at this job because during this hour she regains her nature and becomes a young lady who is not burdened with family and routine problems and takes life easy.

She may have dreamed about great art but that's a trifle, there is no need to think about it all the time, she ran to the stage to play a dog again.

This role could easily be projected into the real life but she feels good that way.

- "Love and Doves" movie, actress Lyudmila Gurchenko (a popular Russian actress), played personage Raisa Zakharovna. (One of the most enigmatic figures, a woman seducing a man of a simple rural nature by showing off with her superficial knowledge of spiritualism esoterics and lifestyle.)

- "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" movie, the character is always trying to look young, "They told me the cemeteries are also a good place to meet new friends."

- A circus performer. "Who served in the army that does not laugh in circus?" (N.B. The army is so full of “clowns” that the real circus is insufficiently funny in comparison. The training in the army is harder than that in circus.) They are called actors but circus is rather a craft and hard work than actual art.

- A male.

-- Age after 40, maybe older, not married, lonely man but has young spirit, young soul. A sparkle inside, naughty zest.

-- Hussar, not young but there is life in the old dog yet.

-- I knew an old man in the village, he played the accordion well, felt up every village woman. When he herded sheep, he drank much alcohol and slept in a ditch; if he was not at home in the morning, they knew in what ditch to look for him. He had the only well in the whole street, gave water to everybody, and said before death - "we'll play the accordion yet". He was very slim, muscular, smoked the shag (tobacco) he grew himself.

-- "Ugryum River" book. An old man asked the local doctor to make false teeth for him, they turned out to be very big and he couldn't close his mouth so he supported his jaw with a finger so that they didn't fall out. He went to the capital with his master, drank in the train six days long and failed to remember whom he knew, to be more exact he considered everyone to be an acquaintance of his. Thus he made a mistake, ran to a policeman to hug him, his teeth jumped out of his mouth and pinched the policeman's nose. The court ruled to pay 2 000 rubles but the old man said he would not pay more that 150 rubles, he was not even afraid of jail. He said before the court: "Please forgive the drunkard, I won't behave such way any more". He was sentenced to one week in prison. When he was leaving the courtroom, he cocked a snook at the policeman.

A vivid personage. Youth of spirit and peculiar humor to cock a snook after the trial.

Such people tone you up (give you incentive or raise your spirit).

Sense of humor, light. "I thought that was a man, what the hell is it?"

Laughter and jokes. Anecdotes.

Anecdotes about Lieutenant Rzhevsky. (A Russian joke character who is a cavalry officer, straightforward, unsophisticated, randy, and immensely rude and crude whose rank and standing gain him entrance into high society.)

Confusion talking about eggs and then realize we are actually talking about testicles. Joy and laughter from that.

Playing tricks on each other.

The prover №5 lay down on the bench and snored, №3 and №4 laughed because №1 was walking around her and looking under her skirt.

There was a loud sound and the question was whose belly was rumbling. The answer followed, “It’s №6, she suppresses stool until the renovation in her toilet room is finished.”

№6 is in counter-phase to the mood of others and her common condition - she is grim, neither laughs nor jokes as she usually does.

№2 asks someone to repeat a joke again, forgets the beginning of the sentences, asks someone to repeat and explain the meaning of another anecdote about Lieutenant Rzhevsky.

№3 tries several times to begin talking about a philosophical theme, for instance:- "Find motion in something motionless, some people say that plants move, others say they stay in one and the same place all the time. How do trees move? Maybe at night. Together with the earth, like planets, slowly, they live in another time dimension.”

№5 supports the philosophical theme: "Some people see stones under water".

№4 - "There is a book written by a Tibetan teacher in which he says that cats on the Earth are curators from other civilizations, they were sent to watch and follow people".

№2 understands nothing of what has been said though she received explanations several times.


"Love and Doves" movie.

"Ugryum River" (which means ‘Gloomy River’), Shishkov (the author).

Hussars from Soviet movies.


They don't care about everyday life and children, are not busy with self-analysis.

They have healthy body, do not have chronic diseases.

Some sleep disturbances may occur, they cannot fall asleep which is particular to Vata-dosha over-excitement.



Headache, strange, as if after lack of sleep.

Headache, dull, with pulsating light moments.

Head, heavy, as if overheated or didn't get enough sleep.

Head, strong discomfort caused by glasses pressing on the top.

Head, aching in left temple.

Head, stitching in left occipital protuberance.

Nose, nostrils, itching.

Cough, sudden, short, as if it tickles in the throat.



Thirst, as after eating much pickled herring.

Desire for coffee, in order to be energetic.

Sinking sensation in the pit of the stomach, one needs to eat but does not feel hunger.

Purgative remedy.


Physical symptoms

Head, pain.

Head, it is hard to move the head.

Head, vertigo.

Head, vertigo, from the least motion.

Head, vertigo, from movement, even from breathing air through nose.

Head, vertigo, with tinnitus.

Head, temples, pain both pressing and stitching.

Head, pain, going in arc from temples to the occiput.

Head, temporoparietal borders of bones, pain, pulsation and pressure.

Head, pain, drawing.

Head, a feeling it is empty.

Head, a feeling of an empty cavity.

Head, a feeling it is empty and it rings there

Head, forehead, hairline, a feeling that temples are joined and pressed.

Head, hair, a feeling that someone drags the hair up.

Head, hair, a feeling that the hair is tied with elastic band.

Head, pressure, from glasses, desire to take the glasses off.

Head, numbness of the right side with right ear deafness.

Eyes, fatigue.

Eyes, desire to move, close tight, as if wink.

Eyes, desire to blink with closed eyelids.

Eyes, desire to close.

Eyes, left, outer corner, desire to press in with a finger and hold.

Eyes, desire to bring them together, cross eyes.

Eyes, eyesight, decrease.

Eyelids, heavy.

Eyelids, heaviness, strong.

Eyelids heavy, as if falling.

Eyelids close on their own, though the eyes themselves feel easy.

Eyelids, left, as if is dragged to the nose, desire to close tight and hold.

Ears, inner pressure.

Ears, heaviness in ears.

Ears, itch in ears.

Ears, a feeling they are blocked.

Ears, a feeling of aural calculus.

Ears, pressure, a feeling as in a plane.

Ears, a feeling as if cold wind has blown into them.

Ears, a feeling of dragging from the neck, as if two threads stretched from the ear to the base of the neck, left and right.

Ears, left, a feeling someone is pulling the tragus.

Ears, a feeling something is stirring in ears.

Ears, desire to pick ears as if one needs to remove earwax.

Mouth, lips, as if weather-bitten.

Mouth, upper lip, stitching, as if allergy.

Mouth, itch, above the upper lip.

Mouth, numbness of palate and larynx.

Face, numbness, on the right, sagged from temple to the jaw.

Throat, cramps.

Throat, constricted, near thyroid.

Throat, strong dryness.

Throat, neck, stitching and pressing on the left.

Throat, neck, eruption.

Throat, neck, pressure, took off her necklace.

Throat, neck, a feeling of pulsation on the left.

Throat, neck, as if someone is pressing with two fingers from outside and it pulsates.

Neck, became heavy from behind, as if constricted.

Neck, nape of neck is constricted, as if torticollis but symmetrical.

Neck, nape of neck is constricted, as if convulsions, tetanus.

Neck, nape of neck, desire to strain to feel down to scapulas.

Neck, nape of neck, constricted, the constriction runs from the temple, through the ears and down to the coronary sinus.

Neck, stiffness.

Neck, muscular hypertonus.

Neck, supraclavicular area, pain, pulsation-pressure.

Back, pressure from bra is unbearable.

Back, shoulders, desire to straighten.

Abdomen, discomfort, uneasiness in abdomen.

Abdomen, muscles painful, as if overworked abs or too much laughing.

Abdomen, pain, dragging, as if ovulation or beginning of menses.

Abdomen, groin area, pain, dragging.

Abdomen, groin area, pain, stitching.

Abdomen, groin area, pain, pressing.

Stool, frequent.

Female, pain in both ovaries, stitching, strong.

Stomach, thirst.

Stomach, thirst, desire for cold white wine.

Stomach, nausea.

Urination, frequent, painless. (Diuretic effect).

Limbs, muscle stiffness.

Limbs, sensation they are wooden.

Limbs, sensation they are overfilled with lactic acid.

Legs, superficial paresthesias.

Knees, right, itch.

Knees, left, itch.

Lower leg, right, itch.


One has needed something but soon does not need it anymore.

Wants nothing. No need to go anywhere.

Estrangement. Detachment from people and the environment.

Spinster. Bachelor. No children, that is the reason for early loss of memory, because when one has children, they will always remind you of themselves or something else.

Loss of memory, they want to forget something but there is nothing to remember. They may have some memories but there is no need to remember them.

Lenin had sclerosis, he had no children, could he have a red-haired chest?

Childless, no children, only grandchildren. He may have married a woman with children or he has grandnephews. Or she bore a child being very young and left him at her parents or with someone else because of her work (tours, circus). This individual is not burdened by bringing up children.

Sleepiness, yawning. "Shurik's Adventures" movie, a scene after a soporific injection, they were falling asleep on the road.

It relaxed like anesthesia. Like expiration in the body.

Forgot after the number what number comes next.

“General practitioners can not treat people, they can be good in handling air conditioners. Is it full destruction?” (Prover #3, nearly losing her thinking abilities)

Such symptoms are specific for atherosclerosis of brain blood vessels, spinal and carotid arteries. These people can maintain good physical health without developing debilitating chronic diseases for a long time but they are subject to sudden early dementia and sclerosis; their mental processes cease to function normally. Cognitive abilities are impaired. There is no loss of senses like touch and taste, just slow and inadequate perception and function. This state can often be found in elderly people.

Ear blockage is the first symptom of atherosclerosis.

Paresthesias - these are superficial brain nerves typically with tingling or pricking as in ‘pins and needles’.

Neck stiffness, similar to that before status epilepticus.

They are strong physically, their body functions normally. Slim body, looks young, but they have problems with their thinking.

Repeat the question, ask again, does not get full understanding. She forgot the beginning of a question or a sentence. Numerating the dilutions she could not get what number came next.

A phrase of the proving: "If you wash your ears with compote, don't forget to pull out the pits".

"Happiness is when everybody dear to you is at home".

Observations during the next few days.

It seems we worked but have the feeling of rest, easiness, lightness of mind.

The mood is good, even mischievous.

Vivacity, feels well.

Desire to do everything quickly, no matter how, in order to get rid of it faster.

She used to spend twice much time on routine housework earlier.

Desire to dress up, redden the cheeks.

Indifference to clothing, table layout, even to guest visits.

Sleep is good, one closes his eyes and opens them again in the morning.

Sleep is restless, one often wakes up from heat or cold.

Sleep is restless, one often wakes up from painful cramp in the right leg.

Sleep is restless, one often wakes up, with numbness of the right arm.

Dreams are short, chaotic, absurd:

- it is impossible to close the toilet door because it gets stuck on the water closet.

- the pockets on the dress are at the knees level and one has to cower to put hands there.

- naked, covered with a cream, stands before the teacher.

- forgotten things.

- was late for the lecture in the institute.

- exam, control checks; feeling not ready.

- math formulas, expects to get low mark for math.

- school, institute.


She woke up from heavy pain in abdomen in the ovary area (left and right), it is late for ovulation, early for menses.

Menses, feels unusually well, there is no pain or weakness.

Menses, two weeks before the time, no pain, extremely copious, I do not leave home.

She woke up in the morning from bleeding. Pains in sacrum and lower part of abdomen as from menses but there were no more discharges during the day (there were about 10 days until menses).

Discharges, single one, like mucus plug (this never happened before).

* * * * *

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