Pica pica



Homeopathic proving results

Proving supervisor: Olga Fatula

spring 2007

Translation from Russian: Leonid Anikeev.

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The proving of Pica pica, as well as Ciconia and Picus viridis, was aimed primarily at discovering the key features to distinguish somehow this drug from the vast group of bird remedies.

The proving was conducted among doctors participating in a regular course of homeopathic lectures in January-February 2006.  It was a fully blind proving.  The provers took one doze each of Pica pica 30K on the same day.  The duration of the proving was 5 weeks.

The results were derived from the diaries, conversations with the provers and the protocol of the final meetings.


This bird of the Corvidae family is widely spread everywhere in the world. Its length is 40 to 45 cm, the tail is up to 22 cm long, the wings spread to 50 cm, and the weight is up to 260 gram.

A magpie is quite remarkable and easily recognized by its characteristic black-and-white plumage and an unusually long tail.

A magpie moves on the ground in jumps, occasionally it can walk in a peculiar Corvidae stroll.  It is an expert in moving in a crone of trees.

Magpies are seldom alone; one can see them more frequently in flocks of two to five birds. For the sake of security, magpies often spend the night in groups. They build several nests but occupy only one. The nest of a magpie is made from a variety of materials, from twigs to bits of iron wires.

Magpies do not migrate; they are settled birds. They often live nearby human habitation where they feed off food remainders and garbage. They hide surpluses of food in holes, which they dig out in the ground. They also settle themselves on backs of large animals and collect mite from them.

Magpies are notorious for their addiction to glittery things and their drive to “steal” from men glossy items left unkept.

A magpie often voices out some loud chirring sounds.  The birds are well known for the variety and the loudness of their jabber, especially garrulous in flocks, in «a magpie bazaar ». It is noticed that magpie it is capable to simulate voices of other birds. It is possible to train a magpie to “speak”; its potential “vocabulary” is not inferior to one of a parrot.

A magpie is the only known non-mammal that can recognize itself in a mirror.

Magpies have a dual reputation among people. Some are enthusiastic about its exotic appearance, courageous and even impudent behavior, a spacious intellect. Others exterminate them for devouring carrion and devastating nests of other birds.

Magpie it presented in many roles in the myths of various cultures. It is portrayed either as a messenger of the Gods or as a Goddess of death. Sometimes when alone it signals grief; and when in flocks it becomes an envoy of happiness. In the Middle Ages, a magpie was considered as the pupil of witches, and in Asia as the possessor of happiness and a spiritual creature amicable with people.

The origin of the name varies in different languages; the etymology traces to the meanings "black-and-white", "puff", "chatter", and “envoy".


Conflicts. Quarrels / Peacefulness

“I do not quarrel; I do not shout at my subordinates, though usually I row in such cases.”

“Avoid being involved into any tricky situations and “bazaars.”

“Placidity, tranquility. Avoid being involved into wrangles with people.”

DREAM. “Kittens sit; behind them there are big cats fighting. Some quarrelling among them.”

DREAM. “My husband is in a hospital. Some boy would not leave him alone, twitching and pulling him somewhere.”

“Came home calm, cooked dinner, everything is still and quiet.”

“Husband mocked at our daughter; I did not interfere.”

“I became more peaceful in transport. If you don’t have enough room I can move aside, no problem.”

“Nothing irritates me.”

“Began talking without tension.”

“Stopped communicating with nearly all my friends.”

“I feel tension communicating with other people, I even feel irritation.”

“When talking to people I feel tense.”

“The nurse made a mistake. I did not get angry, I did everything myself, despite that it was her fault.”

“I feel more at ease communicating with people.”

“People irritate me less.

“I avoid getting involved into arguments and quarrels. What for?”

Communications. Contacts. Relatives

“Almost stopped communicating with people, especially over the phone.  No interesting talks.”

“All these talks are void, there is no point in them; nobody needs it.”

DREAM. “I am in a company with three of my relatives.”

DREAM. “A hospital of an old type. Plenty of people. My husband is in that hospital.”

DREAM. “Some palace, everything is beautiful. There are people inside; all of them are very nice.”

“I feel tense communicating with people.”

“I feel much easier when talking to people, as if I know a person for hundreds of years.”

“I find myself more confident, no tension when communicating. My family and my children are with me; I love them.”

“Recollections of the friends of my youth. Here I also have friends but everything was better those days. When friends are near me and I have their support I am more confident.”

“When conversing my hearing has sharpened.”

DREAM. “I am with my daughter. She is a baby; she is wrapped into napkins and a blanket. We keep walking and travelling somewhere. My mum (she has deceased) is telling me with a sad face, “You do your business daughter; I will help you, will stay with the child.”

DREAM. “My husband is in a hospital, he is about to undergo some surgery, but I don’t feel being troubled or worried.”

DREAM. “An erotic dream. I was involved into sex, anal sex with relatives.”

Transport. Travelling

DREAM; “I am with mum. We are travelling all the time. I see streets, transport, and houses.”

DREAM. “Transport, with transfers, carrying my baby everywhere with me.”

DREAM. “An exotic country. Brown people.”

DREAM. “Going somewhere. On the way we stooped to dig out some potatoes.”

Control. Caution. Watched

“Feeling that somebody is behind my back, desire to turn around.”

“Feeling that I can sense with my back.”

“I got a feeling of an extra caution, but not a fear.”

“Began walking more carefully, as if I am afraid to fall down.”

“Started to be more careful when crossing roads.”

“I feel anxiety if I have to come back home late.”

“Started to control situations.”

“Sensation of being divided into two parts. I watch myself from aside; one part works, the other one watches.”

“A feeling that it is absolutely necessary to find out everything to the smallest detail.”

Appetite. Food

DREAM. “Much food. Various meals. Strange food. It is dark, no daylight. We taste everything. Suddenly somebody switches on the light and we see that food consists of white worms. No disgust. I am curious what kind of worms these are and where they’ve got so many.”

DREAM. “On the way we stooped to dig out some potatoes.”

“Appetite has grown quickly. I have three breakfasts, two lunches and three dinners.”

“No appetite at all.”

Curiosity. Dribs and drabs. Tiny details.

“I pick up everything, all the information I collect by bits.”

“I assemble the information.”

“All the new facts, I insert them into what I already know, like mosaic.”

“It is fine to know the full story. Every phrase gives further information.”

“Feeling that it is necessary to clarify everything, what and how, to every small detail.”

DREAM. “I am curious what kind of worms these are and where they’ve got so many.”

“I weaved a long pigtail into my hair (a very short hairdo).”

DREAM. “…stopped on the way to dig out some potatoes to sell and earn some money.”

“If there is not enough room for you I can move aside.”

“We are collecting information by crumbs.”

Cheerful. Confident. Optimism / Pessimism

“I accepted the problem quietly, simply as a fact that occurred.”

“Optimism I am not scared about the difficulties of life.”

“Started to be giggly.”

“Cheerful, don’t feel tired. Inexhaustible whole day long.”

“Cheerful, inflow of energy.”

“Everything is perfect. Everything makes me happy, even the weather.”

“I achieved confidence in myself. I love myself now.”

“Everything is perfect. Everything is right.”

“Everything is nice. I talked peacefully and I was happy about the party.”

“I don’t want to weep. I don’t have thoughts that have disturbed me before, that I behave wrong.”

“It is such a good beginning! Everything goes so well. I have a good job that I like. I have my children with me whom I love.”

“Confidence in myself. A surge of energy.”

“My self esteem has risen.”

“My mood has fallen down sharply. Apathy. Depression.”

“Thoughts and the attitude have concentrated on the negative.”

“I have only memories left of all good things in life, if there are any at all.”

“No desires, no aspirations.”

“My thoughts are gloomy; life has no sense.”

“Nothing can help me to dispel yearn and sorrow.”

“Ennui and indifference to everything, to myself and to everyone around.”

“Serious things do not get through into my head and I don’t bother to think at all.”

“I got slower in the pace of life.”

“Tardiness. I am walking to the office, simply moving on and again. Even if I am late and a hundred of students are waiting for me I will not speed up.”

“From time to time I fall into pensiveness.”

Sensations as if.

“They took glass shade off me. I want to straighten up.”

“Something upon my eyes, it hinders me.”

“As if something overhangs my eyes.”

“Something rushed by, some energy, a drove of horses.”

“Sensations sharpened.”

“During conversation, a feeling of an air-blast.”

“A split sensation, as if I am looking at myself laterally.”

“I like the feeling of long hair as if something hangs and hits me on my shoulders.”

“Sensation of a split watermelon inside my leg.”

“Headache, sensation as if small hammers knocks in my temples.”

“Sensation behind my back, as if somebody is there.”

“No sensations at all.”

Energy of the source

“Desire to fly, no strain.”

“Feel lightness in the body; desire to fly not to walk.”

“Food – white worms, no disgust.”

Picking everything by bits.

Physical symptoms


 - inflow of energy

 - cheerfulness

 - inexhaustible, untiring

 - ability to work, increased

 - sleep, unsound

 - sleep, short-timed

 - sleep, short time is enough

 - sleep, full of worries

 - sleep, deep and satisfying

 - sleep, falling asleep immediately

 - slackness

 - weakness, no energy


 - pain

 - pain, in the occiput

 - pain, temples

 - pain, temples, as if small hammers knock

 - a wave hits, as if, sensation

 - something sweeps by, as if, sensation


 - dryness, strong

 - dryness, horrible

 - lachrymation, absence of

 - lachrymation, strong

 - inflammation, as if

 - something disturbs, as if

 - something overhanging, as if


 - itching

 - itching, unbearable

 - aching, sensation

 - cold, sensation

 - freezing, in warm room

 - freezing, need for external warming


 - dryness

 - dryness, strong

 - dryness when swallowing

 - itching

 - taste, sour

 - taste, bitter

 - pain, insensitive to

 - burn, ulceration, painless


 - nausea, in the morning

 - heaviness, sensation, in the morning

 - pain

 - pain, grasping

 - pain, strong, in the morning, < laying, < on the left side, > sitting, >on the right side

Appetite. Food

 - appetite, increased

 - food, desire, permanent

 - appetite, want of

 - hunger, want of

 - curd, sour milk, desire

 - curd, aversion

 - alcohol, aversion

 - alcohol, intolerability


 - cramps

 - cramps, toes

 - cramps, toes, at night

 - cramps, feet, little toes

 - cramps, feet, big toes

 - tingling, sensation, toes

 - itching, permanent

 - itching, unbearable, ankles

 - itching, unbearable, poples

 - pain, burning, big toe

 - pain, as if a watermelon split, leg, big toe

 - oedema, swelling, toes


 - sexual desire, increased

 - sexual desire, absent

 - dreams, erotic

 - dreams, sexual intercourse with relatives

 - dreams, sexual intercourse, perverse, anal


 - eruptions, urticaria

 - eruption, blisters, ankles

 - eruption, itching, ankles

Similarity with other bird remedies

 - Hunger / Eating / Food

 - Contacts / Communications / Relationships

 - Relatives / Children / Friends (especially flock birds)

 - Sensation of hovering, levity, flight

 - Space / Rooms / Buildings

 - Physical: common skin problems

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