Lux Saturnis stellae errantis


The proving is still going on...

Proving supervisor: Olga Fatula

2008 - ...

Translation from Russian: Leonid Anikeev.

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Saturn and the Time

We did the first exposition of the Saturn rays in December 2008. Then we potentised it. The proving started at that time and it is still going on.

Despite quite hard and long-lasting physical symptoms (just to mention a six-months long pneumonia!) the depth of the unveilings and the scope of internal discoveries do not allow us to interrupt the process.

We planned to publish the results early 2010. A cured case was already present by then. But…

 - New provers join.

 - Some provers volunteer to raise the potency up to 1M.

 - Some of them repeat dozes.

The themes come to surface slowly gradually and ever more profoundly.

Ancient gurus name Saturn the Master of the Time, the toughest and the most merciless Planet of all. At the same time, it is the wisest. While guiding each soul through its life hardships Saturn opens a personal door for everyone, into his own world of self-consciousness.

Saturn is the slowest Planet. It transits each Zodiac sign over two and a half years (Moon – two and a half days, Sun – one month, Jupiter – one year…). We must abide the laws of the Universe. It looks like we will need quite a lengthy period of time to finish the proving and to comprehend its results.

We do hope that Saturn, the Governor of the Time, will take care of handling the end of the proving. He will give His permission to publish the results of the proving when they are finally ready.

* * * * *

We have recently found a book (in Russian) where the concise description of Saturn closely approximates the provers’ sensations and energy (Rami Bleckt, “How to agree with the Universe” – Moscow 2009, pp 139-141, excerpts).


Saturn is the main Planet bringing sufferings and misfortune into peoples’ lives. Its influence is karmic, that is, a man can do nothing, or nearly nothing, in the life matters that are influenced by Saturn.

…Saturn is named the Master of destinies. It is Him who is responsible for the duration of the lifespan and its prosperity. It can easily raise a person from rags to riches, and vice versa.

Saturn is the significator of disease, old age and death; the great enemies of human life, which overcome all life bound by time. However, destruction is the necessary counterpart for creation, as is decay and death required for new life and growth. Our great fear of Saturn has measured the degree of our attachment to the material world and our dependencies there.

Saturn offers us the suffering that makes us grow inwardly. Many great souls may consciously seek a path of life full of suffering and limitations as a means for the quickest spiritual growth.

Saturn can take away our vitality, on a physical or on a mental level. He causes depression, melancholy, self-pity and gives rise to worry, fear and anxiety.

Most of our materialistic values, … are little more than glorified survival values and bear the limitation changeability and the poverty offered by Saturn.

They are caused by the influence of Saturn but as circumscribed by it are also destroyed by its disintegrating affect. As the planet of the ego, Saturn is furthermore the planet of fear, upon which the ego is based. Saturn creates fear and darkness in the mind.

Saturn is not only the lowest of the planets, it is also the highest, in the spiritual sense. Its lesson is the most difficult but the most rewarding. We must overcome the difficult lessons of Saturn for the revelation of the true light for the soul.

He is the guardian of the mysteries of true awareness - which is only possible through humility, independence and exacting ability to cultivate attentive and selfless labour. Having obtained these qualities a man can become truly free.


* * * * *

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